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Feline Senior Package (FSP)

Is your kitty seven years old or older? This package is designed based on the needs of our aging feline friends. Felines, in general, age six to seven times faster than their human friends. Fortunately, with the higher standard of life for both humans and pets, our fuzzy companions are enjoying a longer life expectancy. This longer life however has created new challenges. Periodontal disease, arthritis, liver and kidney diseases and thyroid problems are a few examples.

Fortunately, with today’s technology and advances we do have the tools to detect these problems as early as possible. Although many of these issues may not be curable, such as kidney disease, the majority of them can be easily managed if we catch them early enough. This is the time that screening tests become invaluable. In most cases, with simple lab tests, x-rays and/or ultrasound we are able to detect most, if not all, of these abnormalities. This way our feline friends will not only be with us for as long as possible, but will also have a quality of life that is worth living.

With our senior package, we want to make these tests as affordable as possible in a way every single one of our feline patients can get the chances they deserve. We understand the high cost of treatment and we also share the current economic hardship and this is our way of trying to help our patients and caring owners.

The following are included in our senior package:

  • Complete physical examination
  • Blood Pressure measurement
  • Senior Screen Panel which includes a complete blood chemistry panel, a CBC, a thyroid test and a urinalysis with culture

Right now when you buy this package you will receive more than 20% off of the regular price.

In addition, when you purchase the package, you will qualify for 15% off of any other test(s) or medical services (including dental x-rays/extractions and surgeries, x-rays and even laser treatment; excludes specialist procedures) that your doctor may recommend based on the physical examination results.

  • Additional diagnostics must be done at the same time of examination, unless otherwise specified by the doctor.
  • Services (dental x-rays/extractions and surgeries) must be scheduled within one week (7 days) and must be performed within a maximum 90 days from the day of physical examination/package purchase.
  • Exclusions: All products (medication, over the counter products, Heartworm and Flea products, etc.) are excluded. Vaccines and technician services (such as nail trims or anal gland expressions) are also excluded. This package cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts.

Good Samaritan Exams

We offer free first exams for all patients adopted from a local shelter or verified rescue group within 30 days of adoption. Please mention where you adopted your cat from when scheduling your appointment. You must bring records from the shelter or rescue along with proof of adoption date.

Feral Cat Spay / Neuter Special 

Spaying and neutering feral cats is an important part of preventing over population. That is why we offer special low cost spays and neuters for feral cats. These packages include anesthesia time, pain control and anti inflammatory injections, a feline leukemia (FeLV) and FIV test, a feline upper respiratory vaccine (FVRCP), a one year PureVax rabies vaccine, a one year PureVax feline leukemia vaccine AND a dose of Cheristin flea control. Please call the hospital for current pricing.

Note – female cats can currently only be spayed on Monday, while male cats can be neutered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Space is limited so call before you trap to ensure we’re able to get them in the next day. If you’ve already trapped them and we are unable to do the procedure immediately we can board the cat here at an additional cost. These packages are only valid for feral cats and can not be used for pet cats. 

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  • Senior Discount
    Clients 65 or older are eligible for a 10% discount off the cost of most services. Exclusions apply. Discount not valid on vaccines, products, lab work, or specialist services.

*Free reusable bag with visit.

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*Cannot be combined with other services or offers, "must print coupon to redeem offer."  See hospital manager for details. Limited time offer.