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As of Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Please check back for updates.

If you would prefer to have your cat's exam be full curbside service, please let us know at the time of booking the appointment. If you change your mind at any time, please let us know as soon as possible so we can make sure to have the room prepared ahead of time.


Appointments with a veterinarian (non curbside)

We will still be requesting that all veterinarian appointments have a Pre-Exam Questionnaire completed before the appointment. This form has been helpful to our veterinarians for keeping our records complete and accurate. It also helps make our exams more efficient which means less wait time for you! 

All appointments (non curbside)

We will have limited parking spaces reserved in front of our office; please leave those spaces available for clients with mobility issues whenever possible. Since we will be in a large parking lot, we ask that you ensure your cat is secured in their carrier before bringing them in. We will not allow any patient to leave the hospital if they are not in a carrier. If you have questions about the best carriers for vet visits, let us know; we'd be happy to help! Masks will not be required to enter the office. If you are admitting your cat for a procedure or drop off exam, please make sure you have the admission form completed ahead of time and either bring it with you when you drop off OR email it back to us before the appointment. Drop off exams will need to have the Curbside Exam History Form filled out ahead of time. For all patients admitted to the hospital, the vet will schedule a discharge appointment for the technician to go over instructions in an exam room. 

Curbside appointments

If you are opting for a full curbside appointment and are seeing the veterinarian you will need to fill out the Curbside Exam History Form which includes more questions/information than the questionnaire listed above.

When you arrive for your appointment please call, text, or check in online from your car. We will have limited parking spaces available in front of our space; please leave those spaces available for clients with mobility issues whenever possible. When the technician is ready, we will text or call you and ask that you meet us at the front door. 

If you have mobility issues and are unable to meet us at the front door, please let us know when you call or text. Please try to park in the spots in front of the office and let us know where you are parked.

For doctor or technician appointments, we will text or call when your appointment is complete and ask that you meet us at the door where we will finalize the check out. If you are picking your pet up after a drop off appointment or procedure, please call or text to let us know you are here. When the technician is available to discharge your pet, we will call or text and ask you to meet them at the front door to go over discharge instructions and take payment. This is for people preferring curbside only and do not want to go over discharge in an exam room.

Please note that we close at 4:00 pm so make sure you are here no later than 3:50 pm to pick up your cat.

Requesting and Picking up Food/Medications/Products

If you need to request food, products or medications please text or call us before coming down. For food or over the counter products this gives us time to check our stock and ensure we have what you need on hand. For medications, we require 24 hours (one business day) notice for refills to give the doctors time to approve the prescription and the technicians time to label and fill the prescription. Written prescriptions to order medications or food online also take 24 hours and must be picked up or mailed to you; we can not email written prescriptions. You can also request food or medications through our online store here:

Please note that we will continue to close at 4:00 pm; you will not be able pick up products/food/medication after 4:00 pm. We will also continue to be closed on Sunday & Monday. Please plan accordingly.